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Tables for craps (craps) in the casino not difficult to find, because it is for them always the most fun and noisy. This is explained by a number of features unique in its kind game. Novice craps rules might seem complicated, but in a phased approach to understand them easily. According to the researchers, the dice was popular during the Roman Empire. First bone in the form of cubes were made ??in 600 BC. There are stories about the inhabitants of India, who won and lost fortunes in the bone. Asia was famous games involving bones, everyone knew the rules of the dice. How to Play CrapsGame Craps (Craps) appeared much later. Ancestor of craps is considered an ancient Chinese game sikbo. Many scientists think that craps rules comes just two centuries ago in England and was called Hazard, in the translation of this word means - danger risk. Other sources indicate that the game appeared in the twelfth century.

During World War II, this game played soldiers willingly armies. Instead of the table, they spread a wide blanket. Known street version of craps, it dice are rolled on the pavement so that they bounced off the curb. Now the bone Online play can not leaving the house for your computer desk and comfortable chair. In craps (craps) played with two dice (dice) on a special table with markings. Cubes are made from solid cellulose, they are checked by inspectors casinos in different ways. As a general rule, every eight hours of play cubes minutia new. This reduces the likelihood of fraud.

The table has a special layout with golf rates. In many casinos you can see the symmetrical double tables with the same markings on both sides, in the center of which there are places for rates Proposition. If you do not play craps online via the Internet, service to the casino table four. On both sides of bookmen are two dealers, they pay and collect rates. Bookmen exchange chips of different values and protects them, and supervises the work of dealers. On the contrary bookmen worth stickmen that collects rates from the center of the table, and then announces the results of bone collects shovel, picks and dealers say how much you have to pay the players whose bets win. In small casino table can serve fewer employees.

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