Online Poker

The game of poker is aimed at increasing the maximum gains (when the player has the strongest hand) and minimize losses (if your hand is not the strongest). Remembering the 100 most recent hand I received AA, probably made in about 60% of them. It's still a good success rate, even if the most important is what you earn and how much is lost.

On one occasion one of my opponent well illustrated the issue, to raise from middle position. I gave call and had JED. The flop came J-Kh-3h, so he decided to bet and I raised, to test it. After some thought, he asked call. The turn yielded 7am and we both checked. On the river, one 9d gave the impression that I had completed a sequence and we both checked. He showed his AA and ended up taking only 2BB's about it.

Still in the same match, some time later, my opponent received AA and decided to raise the flop with three other opponents call asking. My opponent bet, a player has raised and another re-raise. It makes no difference if you are in a pot, is both a shy or firm opponent as a rock, stay tuned for the intention to take the raise initiative. Both types of opponents have the same aspect, which is avoid risking large sums of money unless believe they can beat strong hands. Here are two examples of pots: one bad and one good.

In the bad, I had AA and the opponent's rock type called call when I raised. The flop came K-7-3 and then asked God that my opponent had AK. It took a few more raises and then decided to make the first bet on the turn and the opponent took another raise. After the river bet and raise the call and ordered the rock had 7-7. My mistake was not realizing that round my opponent has raised, knowing that my letters were AA. In a long run, analyze profits conquistadors rather than the numbers of my AA's victories. I always try to reduce losses to realize that the hand is lost. At the end of the match, if you have reduced losses with AA's, I will have more gain.

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