Online Pai Gow Poker

Pai Gow poker is an Americanized version of the Chinese game Pai Gow, with the difference of playing with poker cards instead of Chinese dominoes. The game was designed by Sam Torosian and Fred Wolf to attract players to the casino and their beat the competition in the Los Angeles area. It immediately became very popular and nowadays Pai Gow poker online a big favorite of many gaming websites. Pai Gow poker is for six players plus the dealer. The aim of the game is for each player to try to power Banker by making a five-card and two-card poker hand. Pai Gow poker online follow the same rules, except that the donor is casino.

The rules are a mix of the original rules for Chinese Pai Gow and the American poker rules . The game is played against the house, so a player's chance of winning is not affected by the number of players at the table. It can be quite slow compared to many other types of casino games, and that's because there are so many possibilities for a draw. Pai Gow poker online are still very popular because it can be played with relatively small bankroll, so you could say that it is a game for all types of players.

The old Asian version of the game was an option that casino owner Sam Torosian in the late 1970s century considered to offer to their customers. He lost ground to other casinos in the area and needed something new. When Torosian and Wolf first assessed Pai Gow, it seemed too complicated, too slow and strange, so they decided to add things to make it more interesting.

The combined it with the poker rules, and replaced the Asian dominoes with a standard deck of cards. This resulted therefore in a new poker variant and private Pai Gow poker rules . The game did not take off when it first appeared in casinos in the Los Angeles area, and at first it seemed unattractive to casinos because of the slow pace and low house edge. However, it was still popular, and in the early 1980s found the game way to the casinos in Las Vegas.

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