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The online casinos are the usually 95% - 99%! You play in the comfort of your own home and you do not have many other costs too. As a traveler, food, tips, and much more. But you lose the atmosphere that is a lot of good land based casinos. But this atmosphere can be distracting for the game. Flashing lights, jackpot signals and see the other winning drives players to play more instead of making withdrawals of winnings. Risks of online gambling potential to go out with a win is greater in an online casino, but the risk is also greater for the non vigilant player. There are many things that must be considered when choosing online casinos.

Does the casino license, which software they use, what are other people's experiences etc. Our experience is that unfortunately there are a few casinos online that cheat. We must also say that problem gambling is a risk with online gambling. It is nevertheless considerably less than the land based slot machines. Casino Guide has tested a number of casinos and sometimes we have also been cheated. Casino Guide leading up casinos in our lists, sample tests, others' experience and a review of a number of checkpoints that must be fulfilled. You can therefore be assured that we have good experiences with all of the casinos that we have listed in their reports. If you have problems please contact us and we will be contacting our contacts at the respective casino and try to solve the problem with you. We also welcome feedback on the good and bad experiences.

Then you only have to pull the lever, if you are in a traditional casino, or click "Play" or "Spin" if an online casino. What follows is another reason this game is so sought after and so popular. Those few seconds of expectation in which the cylinders rotate, with all those different symbols to pass at high speed. That adrenaline and excitement that mediates the turn of the game until the final combination. And that moment of explosion of joy or sadness sigh. All this in just seconds, and a very low amount of money. And now, you can have all of this completely free of charge. In the section above you can find various games free slots. The rules and the operation of these games are exactly the same as real money games you'll find in any casino. The free game slot machines are often themselves have casinos, so you can experiment and have fun without any compromise in their slot machines. So, here we indicate you the number of free slot machines where you can have fun for free.

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