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These casinos were selected because they belong to legitimate businesses who with whom we are in contact for several years and with whom we have excellent relations. Certainly these online casinos offer customer service and irreproachable they have to realize most software platforms that provide full diversity. Indeed these sites work with several interconnected software that allows you to access multiple types of software casino.

We consider it normal to contact us if you encounter problems with these partners, therefore we advise you to visit our casino forum and expose potential problems in this case, we are committed to intervene from sites we plebiscites. Online casinos on the so-called regulated markets in countries like England, Malta, Italy, Greece and Spain, online casinos are regulated by the state. They are legal and there is no ambiguity. Europe since 2003 has ruled on the fact that each member state imposes its own regulations.

If we refer the history of online casinos, it is in the mid-1990s that the first online casinos are emerging. These casinos are born through the licensing of casinos Indians united states (Kahn awake). But at that time internet usage was low, for the privileged few and specialized universities. With the emergence of broadband Internet and its democratization industrialized countries, large groups located in Israelis have developed software, the best known were Plastic and Micro gaming. At the same time, of systems of payment emerged as the first sites of internet casinos do not have the necessary infrastructure to ensure optimal security of banking transactions and offer different currencies with different means of payment.

Many players talk about the legality of online casinos, despite prejudice and although poor performers remain, the middle of online casinos has grown enormously in recent years. Online casinos are run by traditional companies that operate from jurisdictions that allow the practice of gambling online. In these jurisdictions, casinos Web must comply with the specifications more or less heavy, with the approval of the gaming software, verification of its algorithm (Random Number Generator) to ensure integrator of paris, licenses monitor financial flows to fight against money laundering.

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