How To Play Slot Machines

Play slot machines for free without registration and can even online at various sites such as casino-echo or other - the choice in modern gamblers really huge. Slots are popular not only for us, but also in other countries. Therefore, it is no exaggeration to call them one of the most popular entertainment in the whole world, and in the network.

How it all began "Father" of slot machines Charles Fay, an American mechanic, built the first slot machine in the distant 1884. Interestingly, but while all machines, including commercial, called slots, thanks to lower the coin opening. It was only later slot machines have fixed the term for themselves. Despite the ridiculous by today's standards winnings (and at a cost of 5 cents per game maximum prize was only 50), slots from Faye rapidly began to gain popularity, and within a few years they have been presented in almost all major cities of the country.

The fact that Faye was not only a talented mechanic, but also a very enterprising businessman: to install as many slots, he negotiated with the owners of bars and taverns, which left half of the profits. Bells, cherries and lemons Their offspring Faye called Liberty Bell, it is not surprising that the drums first slot machine adorned along with card symbols and bells (in translation from English. Bell - bell). Change the concept of the slots it had in the 1910s, when dissatisfied with the government of California imposed a ban on slot machines as winnings and profits in the budget does not pay taxes. Faye decided that retrain slots in vending candy and gum, can bypass the formal prohibition.

So the drums were first introduced cherries, plums, pears, lemons and the inscription «bar». The second wave of popularity For a long time remained banned, slot machines triumphantly returned to the 40s, when they were installed in the casino. Initially, visitors are invited to play for free or at low rates: the owners of gambling slots considered solely as a means to "kill time", waiting for an opening at the poker table. But very soon to estimate the profitability of slots began ordering devices with different design and game characters, giving impetus to the development of this direction of the gambling industry, including virtual.

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