Bingo Online

In Bingo, each player receives a card that has a table 5 x 5, with each column having a Bingo pellagra letter on top. Then, the first column have the letter "B", the second would be "I", the third "C", and so on. In the middle of the table there will be an empty space that is generally known as 'free space'. When playing online, players can play multiple cards at the same time; often, players can buy up to 10 different cards to play at once. Be aware, however, that the numbers are sung relatively fast then just buy the cards you know you can follow.

Under each letter hap 5 random numbers, except that N will only 4 because of the 'free space'. Generally, the first column (B) will only numbers from 1 to 15, the second column (I) have only 16 to 30, the third (C) of 31 to 45, the fourth (G) 46 to 60 and the fifth ( O) numbers have only a 61 to 75 for a total of 75 different numbers. This will help you locate the easiest numbers when they are sung. Be careful, however, it is possible that the cards vary from location to location.

Now, the aim of the cards and numbers is to mark the numbers you have when they are sung. For example, in a typical game online Bingo, the screen will flash a letter and a number, and it is your job to check if your chart has such a number. So if flashing screen 'O-72,' you will have to look below the 'O' the number 72 on each of your cards and use your mouse to click if you have. If you have not, just wait for the next number to be called. Some sites will even highlight the number and everything you need to do is search for all numbers highlighted and click them. This helps as you are playing with multiple cards at once.

Where different varieties appear as is in the pack should be covered before a player can say Bingo. It can often be just a straight line including the 'free space', while other times the whole chart should be covered, what is known as 'blackout' or 'full house.' There are many, many variations, including letters of the alphabet, various shapes and other objects such as paintings and kites. Many sites will put the object or the variation in the corner somewhere before starting the game; do not forget to look and know what it is so you do not miss anything on the Bingo. If you mark all the numbers needed to make the shape or object you are looking for, you will click on the 'Bingo' button to stop the game and you win your prize. The chart is then checked and if it is a Bingo, you will then receive your prize which usually tends to be in cash. Once the game is over, all start the game again on new cards until another Bingo is called.

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